Sigar||nutrition control, make 國水use of its.

The CRF-trar envelop technology was use白通d to produce the full-controlled con些秒trolled release fertil唱問izer The nutrient relea黑山se mode was basically consis火花tent with the law of crop fertilize不友r demand, and the nutrient utilizati喝下on rate was high to avoid 作醫loss and waste

Sigar||nutrition control, make use of its.

Only release | contro術美lled release nutriti街金on, accurate release.

The CRF-trar envelop technology wa鐵鐵s used to produce the ni雪數trogen-potassium dual-controlled校線 admixture controlled release fert司討ilizer, which could cont的吃rol the release of nutrients more effe不可ctively, provide nutrients co船了ntinuously in the grow可筆ing period of crops, a兵畫nd have a long fertilizer 工熱effect period

Only  release  | controlled release nutrition, accurate release.
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Virtor Ecological Agricultur花如e Co., ltd. is a leading dom老高estic controlled release fertilizer笑綠 production enterpri空火ses.

We adhering to the "control來舞led release nutrients, accur理山ate release" the i花森dea, develops unceasingly, forg間司e ahead, combined wit小看h the most advanced techn熱高ology, the technical innovati購現on in the first place, but Rio tin雪慢to, has established close coo師飛perative relationship with German和制 technology company, a坐土nd will be the world's術友 most advanced contro生讀lled release fertilizer production t市師echnology introduced也很 to China, contributed慢藍 to the high efficiency道醫 agricultural developmen音從t in China.

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